How to fix one or more indexers are invalid error in Magento installed via cPanel?


I have been searching around the internet to figure out this problem but could not find a concrete solution. Finally, I come up with a simple solution, which will help newbie developers and people who are trying to setup magento very first time on their live server using cPanel as the hosting panel.

Hope, this will be of great use.

You will require a ssh / telnet client, I suggest you to use PuTTY, which you can download from


Enter your Host Name and port, leave the other fields as it is. And click open. A new console will open, will ask for username and password to login, use your cPanel username and password to login.

Now go to the directory where magento is installed. And go inside /bin folder.

For e.g. in my installation of magento, I have installed in the root directory i.e. under public_html folder as you find in file explorer in cPanel.

So, use the command: cd public_html/bin

This will take you inside the bin folder of the magento installation.

Next step,type this command: php magento indexer:reindex

You can see the result below


All done. Cheers!


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